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Lung Jyi is a Taiwan based distributor of wholesaling top brand cosmetics, fragrances & gift sets to trade & export to specialty stores, superstores or retail stores. We are dedicated in providing you with a wide selection of genuine brand names from every corner of the world. Our company offers a complete range of the most up-scale and cutting edge products, which includes perfume fragrances, men’s perfume、women’s perfume、mini perfume, skin care, cosmetic, color cosmetics, perfume gift sets, skin care gift sets, cosmetic gif sets, hair care, styling products, body care, bath and body accessories, makeup accessories, color cosmetics accessories, fashion decorations, gift sets, fancy products, Japanese fancy products etc.
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Based on different channels, our customers could be divided into two categories, physical (traditional) and virtual (newly) channel. The traditional channel consists of trader, wholesaler, skin, body and hair care’s original installation import, franchise store, chain store, decoration corporation, gift corporation, department store, distributor and direct sale. In the other hand, the virtual channel is through wholesaling to the online shopping mall.
Basically, two kinds of our key customers are other smaller wholesalers and physical stores. And due to different trading volumes, trading figures or the long-term cooperation relationships, the wholesale price would be different in those two kinds of customers.

Our products come from creditworthy manufactures, agents or trading partners in order to ensure the product quality and avoid fakes. The bestselling high-quality products and the competitive price are our characteristics; therefore, welcome fraternity or all trades and professions to be our customers or give us some advices. Thank you!

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Friday, October 27, 2023

Gifts: A subtle way to express emotions and build relationships


Gifts play an important role in relationships and social interactions. They are a medium to express emotions, create connections, and celebrate special occasions. Whether it's a personal relationship or a business relationship, gift giving is a powerful form of communication. This article explores gift expertise, including selection, packaging, etiquette, and the meaning of gifts in different cultural contexts.

Part One: Gift Selection

Personalization: Personalized gifts show your thoughtfulness and are generally more popular with the giver. Understand the interests, hobbies and needs of the recipient and choose gifts that are relevant to them.

Occasion: The choice of gift should be determined according to the occasion of giving. Different occasions such as birthdays, weddings, graduations and career achievements require different types of gifts.

Budget: Choose gifts based on your budget. You don’t need expensive gifts to express sincere emotions, the key lies in the actual value of the gift and the intention of the giver.

Part 2: Gift packaging

Packaging design: The packaging design of a gift can enhance its appeal and make it more ceremonial. Beautiful packaging can express your respect for the gifter.

Cards and Tags: Attaching a card with a personal blessing or thank you is a common practice that adds to the personal touch of the gift.

Sustainable Packaging: Sustainability is an important key to modern gift packaging. Consider using recyclable or eco-friendly materials to wrap gifts.

Part Three: Etiquette and Culture

Receipt of Gifts: Gifts should be received with gratitude and respect, regardless of their value. A thank you letter or verbal thank you is appropriate.

Business etiquette: In a business environment, the selection and presentation of gifts need to follow certain business etiquette. Make sure the gift is consistent with company policy and the culture of the business partner.

Cross-Cultural Gifts: Gifts may have different meanings and rules in different cultures. In international interactions, it is crucial to understand and respect the gift habits of different cultures.

in conclusion:

Gifts are a powerful tool to express emotion, build connections and strengthen relationships. By choosing personalized gifts, packaging them with care, and following the rules of etiquette and culture, we can ensure that our gifts have greater meaning and impact. In daily life and business interactions, giving gifts is a way to show respect and gratitude, and can also convey messages of friendship and cooperation. Gifts not only bring joy to the recipient, but also satisfaction to the giver, as they convey deep affection, affection and friendship.



Tuesday, October 24, 2023

Science, technology and selection of skin care products


Skin care products have become an indispensable part of modern life. Whether it is to maintain a youthful appearance or improve skin health, people's demand for skin care products is increasing day by day. This article will delve into the scientific basis and technological innovation of modern skin care products to help you better understand how to maintain healthy skin.

Part One: Structure and Function of Skin

Understanding how skin care products work requires first understanding the structure and function of the skin. The skin is the largest organ of the human body and has multiple functions, including defense against germs, regulating body temperature, sensing stimulation, and blocking external environmental damage to the body. Skin is mainly composed of three layers: epidermis, dermis, and subcutaneous tissue. The epidermis is responsible for our appearance and is responsible for protecting internal tissues from damage.

Part 2: Basic ingredients of skin care products

Modern skin care products contain a variety of active ingredients that affect the appearance and health of the skin in various ways. Here are some common skin care product ingredients:

Antioxidants: Antioxidants such as vitamin C and vitamin E can neutralize free radicals and reduce oxidative damage to the skin, helping to prevent wrinkles and skin aging.

Keratin Activators: Such as alpha-hydroxy acids and beta-hydroxy acids, which remove dead skin cells, promote cell turnover, and improve skin tone and texture.

Moisturizers: such as hyaluronic acid and glycerin, which can absorb moisture, maintain skin moisture balance, and reduce dryness and skin discomfort.

Anti-UV agents: Sunscreen products containing UV filters protect the skin from damaging UV radiation.

Part 3: The Science Behind Skin Care Techniques

The development of modern skin care products benefits from advanced science and technology. Some breakthrough technologies include:

Nanotechnology: Using nanoparticles, skin care ingredients can penetrate the skin more deeply, improving results.

Genetic Research: Genomics research is helping us understand individual skin needs and tailor personalized skin care regimens.

Biotechnology: Growth factors and stem cell technology promote skin cell regeneration and reduce signs of skin aging.

Part 4: Selection and use of skin care products

Choosing the right skin care products is crucial. Consider skin type, needs and special conditions such as sensitive skin or skin problems. Additionally, the correct steps and sequence should be followed when using skin care products to ensure optimal results.

Modern skin care products are essential tools for skin health and beauty, combining the best results of science, technology and beauty. By understanding skin structure, skin care ingredients and emerging technologies, we can better utilize these products to maintain healthy, youthful and radiant skin. Remember, maintaining a healthy skin care routine is the key to long-term beauty.

When choosing and using skin care products, smart decisions are key to achieving healthy, beautiful skin.

1. Understand your skin type and needs

First, understanding your skin type and needs is key when choosing skin care products. Different skin types require different care methods:

Dry skin: If your skin is prone to dryness and flaking, look for products rich in moisturizing ingredients like hyaluronic acid or glycerin to keep it hydrated.

Oily skin: Oily skin is prone to oiliness, so you'll want to look for products that control oil and remove excess oil, such as salicylic acid or aminosalicylic acid.

Combination Skin: For combination skin, different products can be used depending on the needs of different areas. For example, use oil-controlling products on the T-zone and moisturizing products on dry areas.

Sensitive Skin: Sensitive skin needs special attention and choose products that are gentle and contain no harsh ingredients.

2. Carefully check the product ingredient list

Before purchasing skin care products, always check the product’s ingredient list. Learn about the active ingredients and additives contained in the product. Certain ingredients may be better for your skin, while others may cause sensitivities or adverse reactions.

Active Ingredients: These ingredients often feature prominently in products, such as antioxidants, keratin activators, and moisturizers.

Additives: Some additives may not be suitable for sensitive skin, such as fragrances, alcohol and artificial colors. Choosing fragrance-free or alcohol-free products may be better for sensitive skin.

3. Follow the correct order and method of use

When using skin care products, it is important to follow the correct order and method of use to ensure the effectiveness and safety of the product. Generally speaking, the basic steps of a skin care routine include:

Makeup Remover: At night, use a makeup remover to thoroughly cleanse your skin to remove makeup and dirt.

Cleansing: Use facial cleanser or cleanser to gently cleanse your face to remove residual oil and dirt.

Skin care products: Use skin care products as needed, such as essences, moisturizers, antioxidants, etc. Massage product gently to promote absorption.

Sun Protection: During the day, always use appropriate sun protection products to protect your skin from UV damage.

4. Conduct skin sensitivity testing before testing new products

When you're considering introducing a new skin care product, do a skin sensitivity test first. Apply a small amount of product to your wrist or a small area behind your ear and watch for irritation or allergic reaction. If discomfort occurs, use of the product should be discontinued.

Choosing and using skin care products requires careful consideration of skin type, needs and product ingredients. The right skin care routine can help you achieve healthy, youthful and beautiful skin. Whether your skin care goals are to prevent wrinkles, improve your skin tone, or address a specific concern, choosing the right products for you and following the correct application instructions are the keys to success.



Saturday, September 30, 2023

Skin care products story - 保養品的故事 艾莉絲女士

The story begins with a woman named Alice, who is in her forties but looks like she's in her thirties. People always curiously ask her for her secret, and she always smiles and says, "It's all the result of years of using high-quality skincare products."


Alice's skincare cabinet is filled with a variety of carefully chosen skincare products, from anti-aging serums to hydrating masks. She has always believed that good skincare can help maintain youthful skin. She treats her skincare routine as a form of self-indulgence, not just a routine chore.


One day, Alice's friend Lily came to visit her. Lily was astonished to see that Alice's skin looked even better than before. She asked, "What magical skincare products are you using?" Alice shared her skincare secrets with Lily and told her how to choose the right skincare products.


Lily began following Alice's advice and started using high-quality skincare products. Over time, she also noticed that her skin became younger and healthier. She was grateful because Alice's sharing had changed her life.


This story teaches us that good skincare products can indeed make you look younger. They can not only improve the condition of your skin but also boost your confidence and quality of life. So, don't underestimate the power of skincare; invest in the health of your skin!


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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

The sex appeal of the "body odor"

The sex appeal of the "body odor"

Each body has its own inherent physiological odor, the smell often can not easily be its own smell, and can feel only the next talent. Due to differences in living environment, occupation, work conditions, this inherent physiological breath, often foreign odor to cover up, of course, these foreign odor by washing to remove, restore human have been atmosphere. The girl nestled into the embrace of a man, often a man that is the pursuit of a sense of security, in fact, the feelings of men in the kind of "manly" is an important factor.

For the sense of smell, in general, more women than men are more sensitive to, and inherent physiological female body odor than men strong, its strength will change with the changes of the menstrual cycle. We often have this experience, walking at night, a young girl rushed from the side walk, walking towards me an intoxicating aroma, so you will feel an indescribable feel good. This feeling took place in the lover who will turn into joy and pleasure of one sex, which is no doubt love to have a certain role in promoting. Bit young people have described this kind of feeling: in a street lamp black alley, a man hurried away from me, I can not see her (his) face, I do not know is male or female? However, I feel to an only woman to have a warm and aromatic, it gives me great joy, so in my mind, immediately emerge out of a beautiful girl image, and a non-idea ... ", we can see, smell how strong the desire can be aroused.

However, the bad smell will become an obstacle to love, but also seriously affect the quality of marital sex life, or even inhibition of sexual desire to produce.

Different times, different races, different individuals for the odor preference was different. Some people like elegant, light, it was biased towards rich, strong, and even some people like body odor, and the resulting sexual gratification from the sense of smell, some scholars have called the olfactory love. Today's Europe and the United States men and women to pursue a body odor similar, but more strong musky scent, they think the smell is full of ingredients that can make their sexual desire greatly increased.

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    Wednesday, April 15, 2009

    Sexual gratification, similar goals

    Sexual gratification, similar goals

    It is already found that many animals, insects rely on a special smell to attract the opposite sex and adjust the mating season. Musk, civet is a well-known spice, almost all romantic fragrant, lust waves must have ingredients of the perfume. Both spices are derived from the musk deer and civet, their main role is to attract female mates. Modern bionics to use a special smell to attract a way to trap and kill many harmful insects, but also achieved gratifying results in biologists' research on gender smell is in the ascendant. If the person a few days does not take a bath in the hot summer, the body odor is always unpleasant, and even can make the most of the surrounding people, including self-tired. But human beings also exist similar goals in the sexual gratification when biological phenomena. Careful observation will find around, many people sweating, strong odor of her that he or she was nonchalant tightly nestled together, some even greedily sucking the smell, which in addition to the psychological and emotional harmonious addition to the purely biological factors also play a wonderful role. Recent studies have shown that the human body has a special smell, the smell change in different situations and scenarios. Love men and women will be very specific to sniffing the smell of this particular, and the smell refreshing, sparking an infinite tenderness, they will easily distinguish their own in a large number of odor, special, exclusive, in others appears to be the "smell" the smell. Sexual gratification, similar goals is the sex of a profound meaning. Both spouses to maintain good health, to create a more pleasant odor atmosphere in their own unique odor, no doubt it is OK to enjoy a higher level of life.



      Perfume, women second layer of skin

      Perfume, women second layer of skin

      See Van Gogh's "Sunflowers", you will certainly be eye-catching yellow of the shock. Hear Bach's "Ave Maria", you all likelihood will be moved to tears. Why? Why is art! If a woman pass you by this time, in fact you did not have time to see its hosting the Games, but you still turn your back fierce stare glances, and then breathe nose, set the state of inner peace. Why? No reason. That is art, perfume art!

      The perfume is the second layer of skin woman, love yourself, love life, women are more or less have a few bottles of your favorite perfume. However, the correct use of it to the woman calmly in Ruoyouruowu fragrance in show elegance.

      The flavor is a "point", the perfume is the "line", Eau de Toilette is the use of "face". The lower the concentration, the broader the scope of smearing.

      Inside of the elbow and knees side to make the aroma graceful, durable, two major points! Wiping in the pulse on common sense, and rub the inside of your elbow or knee in the side of better: this skin temperature, regular activities, would be more efficient dissemination of the aroma. The same as the inside of the venous part of the wrist, and frequent opportunities for contact with things, and soon disappeared, of course not as good as wiping in the pulse of the place, and the outside world appropriate to protect the inside of the elbow and knee side, there is no more than These two better parts.

      Ear and the back of the neck of the aroma Ruoyouruowu filled the air, know how to control the dosage is most effective Raiders law.

      But the aroma of the process is bottom-up. Want to lasting it would be difficult. The waist is the strength of the dividing line of perfume. The waist is the dissemination of the hazy part of elegant aroma. However, also must consider the, draw the dividing line of the aroma. Such as a meal or a visit to someone's home and perfume must be more below than usual polished, this is common sense. If you wipe around the neck, ears, warm air upward drift, the fragrance will follow the float, in order to not pungent perfume soft, should rub in slightly lower than the waist.

      Crowds or confined spaces, rub rocking parts, such as feet, ankles, inside of the skirt ...

      Although very few people wear perfume in the stockings on, but put on before the first spray with a nozzle spray, there is surprisingly faint flavor and aroma can be sustained. It is more difficult than the aroma of rubbing the skin disappear.

      Men love to smell the aroma from the hair, again fingertips! About 80% of male case that.

      Do not place in sunlight puts on perfume and alcohol in exposure will leave spots on the skin; If you really want to enjoy the aroma, optional non-alcoholic fragrance shower gel bath in the sun. When the habits of a particular flavor, you will unwittingly coated than ever before. The optimum concentration is within arm's length, others can smell the wonderful smell. Can not determine if they are painted too much, ask a friend to help.

      Generally the better the quality of the perfume can be stored for 3-5 years. Avoid exposure to sunlight in a cool, dry place. Can be kept in the refrigerator, but only a light perfume. The flavor is not too cold or overheating will affect the flavor. If the surplus of a little perfume, color, turbidity, can be added to ethanol dilution.

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        Perfume to show your enthusiasm and fun

          Perfume to show your enthusiasm and fun

          Some people say "Scent of a Woman", no fragrance and a woman, like a flower without fragrance, flowers plastic flowers. Visible, fragrances and women have such a close relationship.

          Different levels, different temperaments, different loving people, due to their different character, in favor of a particular flavor fragrance. Thus, women in the choice of fragrance to add to their charm, is also to showcase your passion and fun.

          Outgoing woman:

          Enthusiasm for a good move, act fast, weight efficiency, and more in love with the fragrance containing citrus scent Avon Yi dream to go beads perfume and green take the beads perfume, light citrus fragrance make you remember that vibrant youth.

          Introverted woman:

          The silence of few words, the pursuit of self-manifestation of personality and liberalization. Preference for a mysterious, noble oriental fragrance, Avon chi the unadorned Korea flavors, Blue Diamond Girl to take the beads perfume, fusion of floral and musk, so few words more show the shy charm.

          Sentimental woman:

          Affectionate, compassionate their thermal decay in the pursuit of novelty, is a fashion darling. Love the fragrance of flowers and fruit, and follow the fashion trend, Avon's latest Meng cologne, make your Splendour elegant touch to convey a fresh and constantly changing reverie.

          Strong-willed woman:

          Favorite pursuit of quality of life of fun, elegant, delicate and perfect the art realm refined fragrance, Avon Blue Dream mini cologne, sandalwood incense contains quiet, so strong-willed Yu significant elegant style.

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