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Monday, October 27, 2008

Lip make-up?

    Lip make-up?

    Lip make-up show female modification of the primary content, the make-up of the lips to grasp the following points: selected lip, painted lip contour to determine the lipstick color, Apply lipstick inside the lip contour.

    Selected Lip Lip directly affect the face, the effect of the make-up plays a big role.

    Painted lip contour lip is selected according to the characteristics of the lips, to determine the contours of the lip make-up, then flagged it with a lip pencil or lipstick tip. Description when the lips open, marked with dots on the lips lip Hill, lip Valley location, in connection with the sleek curves up. Left to right, top to bottom, draw the lips outside contour. The contour of the lips should strive to achieve a natural, a pen forces should be smooth and uniform. Lip of painting: within the described method, the contour lines are painted in the original lip a little inside, suitable for big lips and thick lips; outside the described method, slightly lateral description of the lip contour, lip plump up suitable for thin and small lips; straight-line method, in accordance with the lip contours delineate a straight line with an acute angle, suitable for the lips of the lips moderate size; 1/3 of lip France, the lip was Yamagata, deep ups and downs, giving emotional feeling; 1/2 lip France, the highest point of the upper lip Yamagata just in the mouth and the center line of the middle height of the same thickness and the corresponding position of the lower lip contour of the upper and lower lip symmetry, is a popular lip; / 3 method of lip, upper lip Yamagata peak center of the lips to mouth 2/3 of the place, giving the feeling of a broad and beautiful.

    Determine the richness of lipstick lipstick color, and different colors of lipstick can achieve different makeup colors. Lipstick of the same color, different shades of the hue, will produce many changes in different shades of make-up effect will be different. Lipstick color: reddish brown, the color is simple, applicable to older women and men's makeup, makeup colors look simple and stable; orange colors appear warm, full of youthful vitality, apply to the rich flavor of the female youth, so that makeup colors look and unrestrained enthusiasm; charming pink color, soft, easy, natural, young girls, pale skin fresh and soft makeup colors look; red roses, elegant colors, bright, charming and mature, so that the makeup The colors look dazzling, wider application; red bean red color subtle, elegant, easy, natural, makeup colors look soft, apply to the more mature women. Makeup, lipstick use of color should be coordinated with the make-up skin color, eye shadow color, personality and temperament.

    Smear lipstick lipstick colors selected within the contour, when applied, a handheld mirror in one hand and lipstick evenly along the lips and vertical lines on the painting. Lip central color is a little light can produce the full effect. Finally, tap the lips with a tissue, will absorb too much oil. Order to increase the sense of transparency of the lip, slightly coated pearl lipstick, painted when appropriate smear, and even wipe prominent central light on the line.

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    perfumes said...

    Countdown to Christmas beauty of keeping young wand

      Christmas is getting closer, do you always feel that there is no time to care for your skin? Found eye black until the midnight oil face wrinkles, acne comes set up. This gruesome sight you can have a good mood to greet the arrival of Christmas? Who wouldn't want to Christmas Eve and Carnival night become the best part of beauty? Don't worry, as long as you check out Santa Claus Christmas gift for you in advance: keeping young wand, you will be able to become one of the people were the best part!

      First wand, drove the small smallpox smallpox

      If you still face acne problem, so we need to act quickly, Oh! You have time to get them all away from treatment to recover, you have to make you stick to a week's time. Thought after 7 days of Christmas Eve, you're such a beautiful pure girl, take energy, what is the relationship?

      A, deep cleansing

      Keep skin clean environment would be equivalent to the withdrawal of the hotbed of acne, so sooner or later the clean is very important. You can choose to have anti-inflammatory, bactericidal, deep cleansing oil control effect of gel. Wash before first clean hands with SOAP to avoid bacteria on hands to the face. When you wash your face, to avoid acne of the site, to open the ring way next to gently massage, this helps to reduce inflammation. At this time, Gerry protective film is equivalent to the skin, not skin tight, you can also skin from dust hazards.

      Who needs weekly deep cleansing of oily skin 2-3,, dry skin of the person you want in 1-2 times a week. When your skin looks dark, when there are no shiny, prone to dandruff, is when you need a deep skin cleaning. When doing deep cleaning, and surface cleaning, in particular, note that t-shaped parts, because this is the place where most vigorous facial sebum secretion, as well as aging cells where they are most easily stacked.

      If you use a deep cleansing mask do, also note that some small tricks: smear thickness to cover over the pore; the best starting from a temperature lower cheeks, smudge, then the forehead, nose (nasal Alar part coated), Chin (avoid eyes and mouth), which is to make the mask to dry time the benefits of more coherent, to mask the active ingredient in uniform work.

      Before making the mask usually have the working procedure, is to use the amount of Scrub gently massage on the face and then wash, this was to remove dead skin and stratum corneum of the skin, making nutrients more easily absorbed by the skin of the mask.

      Wash away the waiting time before the mask is also particular about: spring and summer high skin temperature, mask application 15 minutes; in autumn and winter time may be longer, in 30 minutes.

      B, disinfection + needle clearance

    perfumes said...

      If you want to make of small acne early class, don't forget to mature acne needle clearance. Needle cleaning with hot towels before dressing in Acne part 3 minutes, cotton liniment dampened with alcohol wipe to pin clearing acne. Needle when Qing pin position inclined on the acne Acne (maintain a 45 degree angle), the strength from light to heavy. If you still have some fear, then go to the professional beauty salons, handled this program to the beauticians. Finally apply anti-inflammatory mask, by the way you can have a rest, so why not?

      Black or the inflammation of acne is not required in the early Qing dynasty with a needle method, unless the acne is mature, that is, with clear white pus-head on the epidermis of the skin can only pin clearance. Needle clearance must be hand, next needle must be accurate, do not hesitate, as it may have serious consequences.

      Needle Qing Qian must clean facial, first will pores spread open, and clear surface oil; dark sore needle must prior heating disinfection, needle placed in 100 ℃ boiling water in the about 5 minutes, removed Hou then into alcohol disinfection; dark sore needle 45 of oblique placed in dark sore affected part, in has pus of affected part gently a thorn; hands index finger with tissue package with, placed in dark an open sore next to light force extrusion; will pus extrusion zhihou, should immediately stop continues to extrusion; with cotton bar dip Shang tea oil, containing sterilization components of makeup water, coated in wound affected part; then coated anti-inflammatory with of dark sore drug.

      C, rest, proper diet

      As the workload increases every day, stay up became commonplace. Plus now it's time is the lowest temperature, need more in diet supplement heat, spicy, exciting food is essential for the dinner table of a landscape. Be careful Oh, these habits to the disadvantage of eliminating acne, so you must pay attention to rest and food for the week, is the most sensible way to remove acne.

      Grade: a diet. Due to modern man's nutrient-rich, oily skin people more. In order to control the secretion of skin and fat, so first you need to avoid eating too much oil. I reduce frying foods, oily food after eating, probably in six months skin oily improved markedly. And now they are light.

      The second wand with black eye saying byebye

      Beauty must-have weapon are a pair of beautiful eyes, so you want to be one of the best part, farewell dark circles is the second of your keys. In this short time and black eye saying bye bye? For you:

      A, stay away from alcohol and tobacco. Smoke reception results in brittle thin and sensitive eye skin stimulation, so you frequently work with colleagues at the party to get away from them.

      B, improve eye blood circulation. When tired, it is easy to cause a skin of blood stasis and the formation of dark circles, this time to promote the skin blood circulation. You can choose this way: hand after hand rubbed each other to hot, Palm quickly placed on the eyes, for 5 seconds, then repeat. This approach not only to eliminate dark circles have very good results, but also to eliminate eye fatigue, prevent; sellers bags.

      Eye exercises for the eyes of a massage, can speed up loops and eye muscle of the eye muscles and compaction. If your aging not to, do do eye exercises.

    perfumes said...

      Teach you to massage eye:

      Zanzhu point music hole, Temple is the ability to reduce eye fatigue, improves blood circulation points. When your long sleep, or prolonged computer press, these point, dark circles are eased.

      Step1: Zanzhu acupoint between the brows in a shallow depression. Press down on either side of the point, massage technique is a bit like to push with two points.

      Step2: eyebrow slightly SAG in the tail section parts is the sizhu hole. Middle or index finger slowly pushing toward the medial rubbing gently.

      Step3: eye creams, eye mask a less. No matter how busy you are, don't forget the morning and evening eye cream, when used with hands gently massage outward from the corner of the corner ring, to facilitate the penetration and absorption. In addition, if your black eye too "bright", that it is best to use once every other day special effects eye mask, which go to benefit black eyes and eye wrinkle.